The end is usually the beginning of something new.

October 20, 2019

Truth be told I have worked under many aliases on various social media platforms. One time, I was spilling the beans about certain parts of my spiritual journey and someone from India was engaged with the information that I was putting out into the world. This really freaked me out. Someone from another country was connecting to me and could empathize with what I was trying to say! This was what I wanted…wasn’t it?

This was a hell of a lot different than what I experienced when I was married, since my beliefs and perceptions were oftentimes shut down by my ex-husband, which is one of the reasons why we are not together. Regardless, being seen, or rather heard, (read)? felt way too vulnerable. The next thing I knew, I was feverishly deleting every single Tweet.

That particular Twitter alias was not connected to my website. Not having that connection to the baggage of my website gave me more freedom to say what I really felt inside. Surprisingly, this has had it’s advantages. I have found, through much trial and error that if I say something wild and uncensored, I might just receive a bang of positive responses…the opposite of what I had imagined.

My original, original thought was to connect my blog posts to the Twitter world so that I could connect to more people.  Unfortunately, most of my posts were not read by as many people as I would have liked.  This may be an instance in which I was shadow-banned, but I had not heard of that term at the time,

So, I gave Bloglovin’ the platform for blogs a try, but that didn’t fit well either. I tried not to take the low readership too personally, but it was hard not to shake the feeling of being different than the rest like when I was in high school or in various cliquey neighborhoods when I was raising my children. Most blog posts from others entailed the shinier versions of selves in hip restaurants, wearing amazing clothes in spectacular places. And, then there was me, Debby Downer, blogging about getting my energy back on a long sojourn in Fl after I had left another abusive situation.

Using Twitter as an expressive outlet is mainly because of my difficulty writing more than a few sentences since my brother died 6 months ago. I was just getting the hang of things too, as far as getting my writing chops back, since various other personal setbacks caused my writing ability to dwindle the previous year.

Tweeting is the best thing I can muster for now. I must be patient with myself. Plus, I am birthing a new baby. Not a real one of course, but a business that was divinely inspired. More on that later.

So, where I stand right now, I feel frustrated with social media in general. It’s not built to create satisfaction because people are social in the physical sense, not through this pretend world that is controlled. It is obvious that Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Google, are biased, and are clearly unethical. Why should I, or we, as a collective put our energy towards it, especially if it is manipulated and squashes freedom of expression, plus our desire to read or write more than two sentences?

I honestly think technology was better before social media because it is the antithesis of social. The ‘social’ word is like the ‘Smart’ phone. Those platforms make you antisocial and pretty dumb if you ask me. This is the one percents’ evil plan and we are falling for it. Now, that you know, you can’t pretend to not know. Well, I guess you could try, but why would you?


I worry about ascension. Are enough people going to wake up in time? I believe the magic number is 177,0000 people. That does not sound like a lot, does it? But, there are forces that are trying like mad to keep our souls plugged into low vibrational thinking and being. So, even the low number might prove to be just a little daunting.

Thinking about all that is going on in the world that is not exactly for our best interest, makes me crazed. What is good is bad. What is bad is good. Men are like women and women are like men. Boys and girls want to be the opposite sex and parents, schools, and libraries don’t give a damn about what’s right, or how to use their god damned common sense as far as steering kids away from traps and evil.

This is when I have to surrender to the outcome. Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? I think so. Can I look at all of the horrible abuse and crimes, duplicity coming to the surface in the public arena, while remaining centered and on my focused mission? I try.

Sometimes, it feels good to just blurt out all of my beliefs (through writing) in one sitting, which is what did tonight. It feels so deliciously rebellious to believe the opposite of what we are being taught. And, to write my beliefs feels even better.

I have always been a rebel. Since the people in our world  have moved freakishly in a completely new direction, in a short space of time, I have found myself holding onto the very principles, values, I was rebelling against when I was young. I realize I have come full circle. The question remains open, however, will the younger generations hear the call to do the same?