Slow Bloom Reverie

August, 2019

My son Liam and I were driving back to his father’s home in a suburban cookie-cutter neighborhood. We both noticed a girl riding carefully down the street on her bike. She smiled and waved at us.

My son and I looked at each other and gushed. We both said in unison, “She waved at us. Ohhh. That is toooooo much.”

My son said, “She smiled,” with a big toothy grin.

“Ohh,” I said, tapping my heart with my right hand dramatically. I turned to my son next to me and said, “She smiled…at you and me!” I was in a silly mood.

As I turned the corner, and away from the girl, bright blue sky! Homes snd green grass in the distance, I asked seriously, “What was that thing on her head?”

He said simply, “A helmet.”

“Well, dodo, I think I know that,” I said. “It was weird. There was something sticking up on top of it.”

“It was a unicorn helmet.”

“Of course it was. For a minute though, I thought it was a mohawk one.”

But, then why would it be?


Today, I passed a girl about 5 who wore a unicorn bike helmet while riding her bike as I drove by.

I was not only struck by her smile, but that she waved.

What a sad realization to have, that we live a day to expect no interaction, less a smile or wave, but maybe she was just a child with reverie.


Slow Bloom Reverie is bursting forth,

Moving far, far and away from a dizzying world

That is pushing parents and children, tripping forward

Through childhood at an alarming rate.

Slow Bloom Reverie is a way of life for some

And, a movement together.

We believe that a childhood need not be measured or timed,

But, to be kept innocent, and safe for one last time,

So, they can all move at their own inner pace,

Without judgement, or fear, 

And, shift forward with grace

As with anything expected in a natural world,

Like the warmth of a sun and the glow of a moon,

There is something different happening here,

The long anticipation of a flower’s first bloom.