Music Hath Charms

(May 9, 2019 – I moved this from my blog to here.)

I wrote nearly 1000 pages about my family history in every possible way you could imagine. All of it was conjured up from the deep recesses of my mind through music—all sorts of glorious music that was the background of my life.

My older siblings always had some album blaring on our avocado stereo in the oak wood-paneled basement. I soaked it all in without even realizing it. Their tastes in music soon influenced mine.

I used to believe my childhood was terrible. I thought my parents were the worst ones possible. Then I became a parent myself, and I realized how hard life can be sometimes, especially when life gets complicated with a spouse and children. We all have faults and weaknesses. Don’t we? But we also have so many lovely attributes, too. I learned that all the childhood scenes I fleshed out with words had happy times, experiences I would give anything to go back to, to experience again. But I can, in a way, slip back through time, by entering scenes I created from my imagination, while listening to music that was the backdrop of a certain time.

Here is one of the songs that transports me way back to when I was a  little girl, with an even smaller voice in a household filled with crazy parents, loud and very wild older siblings, who had no problem expressing and rebelling in their own unique way. My brothers friends sometimes bribed me with money to speak. I was so shy, always wanting to hide.

Is there a song from your past that is calling you to look back upon? What is the name of this song and who sang it? Maybe you heard this song when you were driving your car, shopping for food, clothes, or in some other way. This is Spirit nudging you to wake up, so you will take a peek inside at what you may have buried long ago.

Don’t you think it is time you met your liitle him or her?

Take the time to shut out the world and be alone with the lyrics and the sounds from the instruments. Play it in a safe place and during a time when you know you won’t be disturbed. Shut your eyes, and allow the voices and the instruments to speak to you in a way that draws memories to the surface in a gentle way.

What memory is coming up for you? Or, are there more? Take your time to sink into each scene that flashes before you.

Play this song again and again. Do you want to sing along too?  Turn up the volume. Sing the words louder. Dance to the rythym. What emotions are coming up for you? Feel the joy, the sadness, and freedom this song once gave you to say the words you could never say.

Next time, play the song with your eyes wide-open. How old were you, your parents, and siblings? What did you look like? Who were your friends? What is the significance of this song? Write out a scene and flesh it out as much as you can.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Simply write while listening to music. Don’t be afraid to remember and feel down to your bones. Let it out. Shout it out. Sing out loudly. Dance like no one is looking. Spirit will protect you and heal you along your journey.


I AM the record-keeper.

XO Amelie