Guidance Behind the Book

The Road Narrows: Finding The Missing Pieces

In 2003, I felt guided to create a story from my experiences. I had been receiving guided information since January 2002, which I had dutifully recorded in journals. The following is compilation of the guidance I received on how to get my creative juices flowing, by taking an art and writing class. I was surprised about how specific the suggestions were, but who I am to question the Divine. I am sharing what I received in the hopes others will be inspired to take their own creative journey.

August 4, 2003 Spiritual Guidance

It is now time to move on to developing your story. You have done much research and now you see where you are headed. You are a very bright woman and you are fully capable of completing your task. The material that you have written for over a year is indeed journal-like type of information. Use your mind, heart and, most of all your creativity, to tap into worlds that you have never ventured to before.  You are quite capable of imagining a story that will encompass parts of yourself and the guided information that we have given you. The ideas may feel like they are on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite articulate everything that is in your mind. Let time move the information out of its hiding and into your consciousness when it is ready. It is best that you bring the story line together the way you think it should be tied together… not someone else. Asking advice on how to present this into a book is fruitless, as there are countless ways in which to make the material into a beautiful story.

The feelings that bubble from your heart are love that is pumped to you from worlds unseen. It feels good to accept our love now, doesn’t it? You are on a beautiful spiritual journey and you will be rewarded for committing yourself to such hard work. Remember, the work you do will not only benefit yourself and others, but will also be able to help children in faraway lands. Do not forget your real calling in life, Amelie. You may think it is to write books, but do realize that is merely a way to cross the bridges to other lands.

Sometimes when one hangs on to things in life that need to be let go, it can cause a deep heaviness of the heart. Transition yourself to other possibilities. No need to make a drastic change overnight, but do realize that a step forward and in a certain direction will eventually lead you into a vastly different direction. Do realize that venturing into another type of life takes courage and tenacity. Move slowly, and before you know it, your life will be unrecognizable from the old life and you will have different people in it, too. What we are trying to tell you is that it has taken you this long to have all the knowledge that you do today. Remember how much you have grown and how much more you are enriched. Imagine how different things will be one year from now, and even three years from now. More information will be coming to you. Please take note. The advice to your heart is we only want the best for you. Many blessings to you.

The next bit of guidance I received I felt was giving me the next idea for a fictional story. My mind became fertile with ideas of what heaven is like, and I just imagined this brightly colored place with a forest with trees and water.

August 6, 2003

Heaven is a place where your supreme creator reigns. It is not an authority that reigns over you, the human being, but to all that is. If you want to know what Heaven is like, let the ideas flow to you and create a beautiful story so people will not be afraid of Me, or what waits for them after life on earth. Make people understand the reason for life. There is a purpose for everyone. No one is left out. Know my child that the words that flow to you are Divine inspiration to create.

Your heart aches so and we have heard your prayers. We have heard your cries. We offer you comfort and understanding. Know that this time is meant for crafting and honing your skills. Let the energies that move into your life and offer you certain things be welcomed. Do not think you have to be a certain way because of your situation. Let go of trying to please everyone. Please yourself and everyone will be happier. Feel the contentment fill your heart as you spend your time on your children, being a good mother, wife, and acquiring your new skills.

Expand out and pick up a paintbrush. You may be surprised at the pictures that surface from your touch. Remember, feel the freedom in all places in life. Let go of the shackles of childhood and what imprisons you. Do not look at the future as your salvation. For the relationship that you crave is with yourself first. Make friends with her. Let go of needing outside of yourself. All that you need is inside. Accept the place that you are in today, and your frustration will lessen. Time will come and go, but satisfaction must be felt no matter where you are in life. Look at what you have and not so much what you don’t have and know that God has a perfect timer for you. No tricks will fall upon your path. We are being as straight as an arrow with you.

August 31, 2003

There have been many avenues in which your soul has traveled, which have brought you closer to Me, your Creator. Move towards another life, not blindly, but with acute precision. Know that your transition will take a few more years to be complete. You are not expected to be everything all at once, a new person, with a career and handling your family and all the other issues of a new life. Move slowly in the direction in which you are already moving towards. Open your heart to forgiving those who have hurt you deeply.

The fuel that is inspiring you is pure Divine inspiration. Take your gifts and use and redefine how to tell a story of one person’s spiritual life. Make it your unique gift for the world. Your contribution will help others very much, even if it is a fictional memoir. Know, Amelie, that you will be moving into another transition in a few years. Will you be closer to your goals as an independent and fulfilled woman? Realize that is what your soul wants you to do.

Feel the comfort of your marriage take its hold on you to keep life simple. There is only so much your soul can do at once. You will not be asked to cause a great distress in your life. Try and live each day respecting the great beauty of life and feel the gift that life truly is. Fill your childhood wounds with self-acceptance and nourishment. That is what your next few years need to be used for. There will come another time in which you will be able to make another decision in your life about your path. Now, however, it is wise that you learn how to become as self-sufficient as possible with all the obligations that you have agreed to take on in your life, while dually helping yourself move further along on your contract with Me.

Use your frustration and broken heart to create a beautiful love story of a woman who is faced with making many decisions in life. It is difficult to make moral decisions in life.

First, you made decisions unconsciously and than with clear-sighted vision you were better able to see the truth in matters. Use your sadness to creatively express your feelings. You have so many outlets for expression. Use them wisely. Steer clear away from old lifestyles that no longer serve you. Make peace with yourself and know it is a waste of energy to wish you were in a different space and time. Your decisions in life need not be boring, or void of happiness. Fill your days like you are a new person, full of zest and life, because you are full of life. Breathe in the air and tell yourself that you are happy that you are now awake. Life is no longer a mystery. I will help you at any time. So many problems in life can be alleviated if the navigator of the ship had a map. I know where the turbulent water lies ahead. I know where the warm water tickles your toes. Take a ride with Me and I will show you where to go and when the next big decision needs to be made.

Fragments of the sky are beautiful, but when they are pulled together with the other parts, the view can be magnificent. Realize that you only know bits and pieces of the puzzle of your life. Your book will move together when it is ready to come together in totality. Feel the excitement in your heart that you are now responding to the energies that are moving you deeper and deeper into your creativity. This will flourish quickly and will be a wonderful outlet for you to magnetize others to your thoughts and feelings. Any new ideas that come to you should be jotted down, along with any pictures that come to your mind for illustrations for your book  Do realize that your book will have many sketches and art in it that you create and not someone else. Be open and play with this book. This is your creation. Make it uniquely yours. You can make it as interactive as you would like. Make the book like a puzzle that is uncovered piece by piece.

April 2014