The Messy Art of Remembering and Becoming Whole book coverThe Messy Art of Remembering and Becoming Whole is the story of a stay-at-home wife and mother who is forced to confront her sexual past when her seemingly perfect world falls apart. Mary Katherine O’ Connel is thirty-something, with three girls, a perfectly pink house and all the bells and whistles of the American Dream. A night out at a bar with her husband sparks an overwhelming desire to reconnect to her years as a young, single woman. M.K. begins a series of dating misadventures that end with finding her soul mate. When it becomes clear that neither man is what he seems, her only recourse is to dig more deeply into her past, where she uncovers not only an abusive father and family secrets, but a connection with the Divine. With her path rockier than ever, it is unclear whether she is on a journey of self-destruction or a journey of healing. Along the way, M.K. interacts with a cast of characters that include her dramatic mother, her superficially charming father, a cowboy-like attorney, a cheating professor, a philosophical housepainter, an angel whisperer and the Archangel Gabriel himself. Ranging from serious to humorous, the novel offers an inspiring vision what it means to find spiritual healing in the suburbs.

The Story Behind the Story

This inspirational poem written by Rudyard Kipling was framed and hung in our kitchen in my childhood home. Beatings by his foster mother when Rudyard only wanted love and attention, failure and ridicule… read the story behind the book.

In 2003, I felt guided to create a story from my experiences. I had been receiving guided information since January 2002, which I had dutifully recorded in journals. The following is compilation of the guidance… read about the guidance behind the book.