My name is Amelie Odette Rousseau and I am a writer and artist who enjoys all the beauty the West has to offer. When I am not writing, I am traveling with my family and discovering new places. I was raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and appreciate the region’s grand buildings and history, which play heavily into my current novel.  Since I grew up around water, I am drawn to lakes, rivers and the ocean.

A few years ago, I began a spiritual journey that has taken me down dark roads. Like the main character in my novel, I had to make peace with my family’s past.  I let my burden go, so I could invite richer and more fulfilling experiences into my life.

I was inspired by the Divine to write a book, which became part of my healing process. Though somewhat autobiographical, The Messy Art of Remembering and Becoming Whole transcends my personal experiences to form a coherent, compelling story of healing. The book’s protagonist, Mary Katherine O’Connel, struggles with overcoming her family’s legacy of sexual abuse and saving her troubled marriage.

My book is complete and I feel I am walking on a path to the next chapter. I thought that being whole and knowing myself would be the answer.  I now know that healing is never totally finished.

It’s taken me twelve years to return to the light and adapt myself to the world again.  I found the world has changed tremendously, in ways that many find overwhelming.  Instead of giving up, and believing things are only to get worse, I believe it is important to have faith. Though transitions sometimes look turbulent, passing through troubled times are the only way to evolve.

I think positive energy starts with yourself and spirals out. One of my goals is being mindful every day about my family, my community, the earth and me. I am going to do more expressive dance and painting. I eventually wish to travel to Africa and assist women and children.  I hope to take more chances and push my comfort zone.

I will explore other ways to heal, in a fun spontaneous way, and share them through my writing. Some of my experiments will include exercising my creativity more, inviting more people into my outer world, continuing to share my insights and healing experiences and investigating various modalities for spiritual and emotional growth. I look forward to sharing the results in this space.